What really caught my eye [...] the device could be used to release on demand pheromones.
— Michael Franco, CNET
A smart air freshener for those who can’t be bothered with Febreze.
— Natt Garun, TheNextWeb
Because there is a gadget for everything, let not the realm of scent dispensers be ignored.
— Jordan Crook, TechCrunch
So fresh and so keen: Pura is a smarter way to make your home smell nice.
— Stephanie Topacio Long, Digital Trends

Customize Your Home Fragrances Right From Your Phone.


Pura Scents is the world's first smart fragrance dispenser. It's a simple, yet elegant device that you plug into any outlet. It holds two fragrances per dispenser. You can swap between the two as you please and also allows for custom scheduling. If you leave your house, all the devices turn off automatically. If you're not home, you can release fragrance remotely from your phone so it smells good by the time you return. The dispenser includes a USB charger so you don't lose an outlet and can still charge your phone or tablet. There's also a smart nightlight that has millions of color options and custom scheduling. Home fragrance as we know it, will never be the same.



About Pura Scents

Pura Scents is headquartered in Silicon Slopes, aka Utah. The founders have 20+ years of hardware/software product engineering experience. The advisory team consists of nothing but all-stars. Their backgrounds are in running a multi-billion dollar company, pioneering the fragrance industry and being an original advisor at Nest, the company that sold to Google for $3.2 billion.

  • Richie Stapler
    Co-Founder, CEO

  • Bruno Lima
    Co-Founder, COO

  • John Richards
    Senior Advisor, Tech Biz Genius

  • Caroline Fabrigas
    Advisor, Fragrance Industry Genius

  • Nigel Carr
    Advisor, Advertising Genius


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